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My name is Simone Dicosta and I am the Owner at Simone Dicosta Photographer. I was born in Tropea, a beautiful village on the Calabrian coast, in southern Italy. From an early age I have always had an attraction for the visual arts such as photography, drawing and painting, and this led me to study Graphic Design and Multimedia Studies at the University of Calabria and later to study photography in Florence where I obtained a Master's in digital photography in 2012.

During my studies I had the opportunity to experiment with different styles and try my hand in different fields of photography, from landscape photography to product photography, from event photography to interior photography, all this with the purpose of developing my photographic thought and eye. During my training I was able to work alongside advertising, architecture and interior photographers, assisting them during all phases of photo shoots, from planning to delivery, and in particular the post-production and photo-editing phase, seeing my studies in graphics and my passion for photomanipulation techniques. In 2013 I started my activity and since then I dedicate myself to the realization of architecture, advertising and portrait photography. In 2017 I moved to Ottawa, my wife's hometown, where I offer my services especially in the field of architecture, interior design, construction and hospitality.

During this years I had the pleasure to work with companies like: AMAZON, BROCCOLINI, BELL CANADA, MATTAMY HOMES, BGIS, OAG Ottawa, FRIENDS OF THE UFFIZZI GALLERY, AMEDEI TUSCANY, PALAZZO TORNABUONI FIRENZE, INDOCHINO, HOUZZ, PALLADIO SPA, ENOTECA PINCHIORRI FIRENZE, LONGBOARD FACADES, TAMARACK HOMES, DESLAURIER CUSTOM CABINETS INC, TAGGART REALTY, GFS, HOBIN ARCHITECTURE, LIGHT SWITCH CREATIVE and many more. For me each job is an opportunity to demonstrate the value and quality that Simone Dicosta Photographer represents and has developed during these years. For this reason, my philosophy is to dedicate 100% of my attention to one project at a time, so that we can offer every customer nothing less than what it deserves, the TOP.

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